Strategy Management

Based on Market Analysis as well as existing capabilities (Capacity and Capability), an Organization / Company formulates the direction and objectives of the organization in the future ("Strategy Formulation"), where the organization define its Mission, Vision and Values, sets the future Milestones and how to achieve it (which is usually described in the form of a Strategy Map).

After the direction and objectives can be clearly described, then it is determined how each individual, needs to contribute to achieving those organization’s direction and objectives, by setting individual targets derived from the main objectives of the organization, and periodically monitoring their achievement. This scenario, if carried out consistently, will make the organizations able to compete and grow consistently (High performance Organization).

Human Capital Management

Company’s vision, mission, goal can’t running well without supporting from aligned Company’s Organization & People  Management (Integrated & aligned Human Capital Management).

Organization Structure should be aligned to execute company’s vision, mission, goal, realized by the Great Leaders, readiness of  People, and Efficient System  in the company.

Making it running well, Human Capital goal & strategy, Human Capital Function, Human Capital System in the company must be integrated as Integrated & aligned Human Capital Management.

Quality, Safety and Security Management

Quality, Safety and Security is a key factor for sustainable business.

In high investment-high technology industry such as aviation, mining, and oil & gas industry, Quality, Safety and Security is highly required to be well managed as per detail standard and regulation.

Not only to comply with, but more over is to develop the Quality, Safety and Security Culture as the whole Company Identity.